Travellers on their tour of Royal Rajasthan will not discover royalty and luxury at diverse hotels and folk programmes, but it can be even seen in Rajasthani Cuisines. The royal highness of the state given birth to the royal cuisines. The food of Rajasthani people cooked in pure ghee so its aroma is mind blowing.

While exploring the Rajasthan, forget about your food consciousness and just dive into the richness of food. Rajasthan’s cuisines are mostly based on the wide usage of pulses, gram flour, spices, dry fruits and yogurt. Tourists can also enjoy the snacks that were kept for sun-drying. Apart from spicy dishes, the sweet dishes of the state are also yummy, so enjoy all popular cuisines on your Rajasthan’s visit and lick your fingers all through the journey at every restaurant wherever you dine.

Unlike the other traditional styles of serving sweet dish post meal, there is no different between the main course and dessert. Thus, travellers can find dessert along with their main course or before the meal is served. Some of the popular dishes you must not miss are as follows:

Cuisines of Rajasthan

Dal Bati and Churma: Dal Bati and Churma is one of the best dishes of Rajasthan that represents the typical example of quality and class. It is a dish that soldiers carry with them during the battle as it could last longer and also provide energy to the warriors. The dal is a thick stew made of various pulses and bati is a dumpling or kind of a bread which is made up of wheat flour and stuffed with peas and onions. As dal and bati have the combination thus they are served together along with a sweet dish named as churma.

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Cuisines of Rajasthan

Gatte ki Sabzi: It is the part of main course and it is prepared with gram flour balls and contains tangy gravy made up of buttermilk and spices. People can enjoy it with Chapattis or Rice as they both tastes awesome. It is an ideal dinner and all-time favourite Rajasthani recipe.

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Cuisines of Rajasthan

Goonda ki Sabzi: Goonda is a green berry which is cooked in form of a sabzi or curry and it is served with chapattis and rice. The seed contains stickiness which disappears while cooking it. Ladies take out the seed from the berries and deep fry it. Once done with it, they stuff dry fruits along with spices, powder and chopped mangoes. It can be served as a main course dish.

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Cuisines of Rajasthan

Rajasthani Kadhi: Kadhi is a common dish in all over India, but there is a huge difference in the taste of common and Rajasthani Kadhi. Rajasthani kadhi comprises of buttermilk, spices, gram flour and ghee, whereas the common kadhi comprises of flour dumplings and other ingredients. Cooked in tangy flavour, Rajasthani kadhi is quite good, so enjoy the kadhi with chapattis and rice. It is a must try dish for the travellers.

Cuisines of Rajasthan

Malpua: Atte ka Malpua is a fried Malpua which is dipped in the saffron sugar syrup. It tastes amazing as they are light and crispy. It is easy to cook and serve, so try at home otherwise make a trip to Rajasthan to taste all these yummy cuisines and dishes.

Tourists who are visiting to Rajasthan, they must try all these cuisines as they bring you an awesome experience. These dishes will not only bring you different tastes, but also make you feel amazing as they all are being served in royal style. So, make your travel easy and enjoyable by taking the right tour package and bookings from us and make your visited amazing and unforgettable.

Finger Licking Royal Cuisines of Rajasthan

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