Camel Safari is one of the exciting activities of Rajasthan which lures the vacationers and enable them great experience to explore the Thar Desert. It is a wonderful ride that brings unforgettable experience and moment in traveller’s life. The state Rajasthan has numerous destinations where travellers can take the camel ride and get immense pleasure and experience. There are number of ways through which vacationers can experience it on their Rajasthan tour package.

As camel ride is a fun loving experience so travellers can enjoy it in the way they want it. Riding and walking are the two ways that travellers can combine and enjoy the camel ride. Riding for some time and then walking side by side with the camel offers brilliant experience to the vacationers. The longer the traveller will ride the longer they can explore the remote areas. Tourists will not only witness the shiny desert and varied big and small dunes, but they will also enjoy the tranquillity. The sunset and sunrise view from the back of the camel is truly a mesmerizing experience that most of the travellers love to experience. The camel safari and night stay at desert camps offers a brilliant experience to the vacationers. Some of the best places where tourists can enjoy camel ride are as follows:

Camel Safari in Jaisalmer

Camel Safari Tour in Jaisalmer

Early in the morning leave for the desert camp which is located at a distance of 50 km. Enjoy the camel safari till the sun rises properly. Witness the cool desert under the mild and pleasing blend of colours including light yellow, baby pink, orange, etc. One should not miss witnessing the charm of early morning from the back of the camel. The well-decorated and single hump camel rides early in the morning will surely a lasting impression on the travellers. Once tourists are done with the camel ride experience later they can leave for breakfast at the camp. After taking hearty breakfast, tourists can also enjoy camel safari and explore the desert wildlife and many remote areas. In afternoon, tourists can enjoy the lunch under the shade of the trees which is truly a unique experience for the vacationers. Here the journey doesn’t get the full stop, tourists will proceed for the magical sunset view and evening that truly makes the desert mysterious. Enjoy the evening camel ride and take pleasure of witnessing sunset view from the back of the camel. It is an exotic desert experience that vacationers will never forget in their entire life.

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Select Camel Safari Tour of Your Choice

As travellers as per their own choice can enjoy the camel safari, so it is must for them to know that there are varied types of camel safari tour are organized. Right from short trip of Camel safari to the long trip of 1 month camel safari are available. Tourists as per their India visit can plan a short or long tour of camel safari and take pleasure of the desert safari. It is a tour in which tourists will explore the rides during morning and evening and during the day time tourists are free to enjoy visiting remote areas of the place. In this way vacationers are free to make the travel worth visiting.

Things to Bring

As the camel tours are organized during the month of winters so travellers are required to bring woollen clothes with them. Tourists must carry beds, sleeping bags, blankets etc as it will be helpful during the camp side stay. One must keep the hat, sunglasses, lotion, etc to keep the body protected from striking sunlight etc. One must carry first aid kit with them as you might need during the travelling.

Rajasthan camel safari tour is one of the fascinating experiences that travellers love enjoying it thoroughly. So, plan for this tour now and make your Rajasthan camel safari enjoyable and memorable forever. It is a brilliant way to enjoy the rich rural life of Rajasthan and know more about their rich heritage and livelihood. So, experience it once and have a great time ahead.

A Blissful Camel Safari Tour in Jaisalmer Rajasthan

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